The Lucky One

I always knew

you would erase me first

but I never thought

it would be this way

out of your control

     you were always the star

     the rest of us bit players

     in your private movie

     doing your bidding

where will your mind take you

when it is only you

inside your head?

will I be a shadow

or nothing at all

something that never was?

Are you the lucky one

Having forgotten

what once was

     dessert hikes

     cliff climbing

     skiing meadows

Bruce and Bob long dead

am I the only one

holding memories

     summers by the pool

     candle lit gourmet dinners

     fresh squeezed orange juice

     the bedside breakfast tray?

perhaps you are

the lucky one

                        Elaine Mills



                                                    Perfect Heart © Elaine Mills


                                 Broken Heart Elaine Mills © Elaine Mills                     


                                                  Healing Heart © Elaine Mills