An isolated incident.png

An isolated incident

At first we thought IT

An isolated incident

The number expanded

More  episodes

A random pattern?

Emboldened by the lack of response

From State to State they went

Formidable attacks

Stolen rights

Once upon a time we thought

Our independence had been won

The right to reproduce secured

Smoldering behind pulpits

Conspiring with elected

White men with white hair

Hid the puppeteers

They pounced

The isolated incident revealed

The first shot in the war exposed



Contraception Lies.png

According to state representative

Jeanine Notter (R) - NH

Birth control causes prostate cancer

According to state Rep. Terri Proud (R) - AZ

Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry have placed selling abortions above the health and safety of women.

According to Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R) - MN

Plan B causes abortions

And on the House floor the Speaker John Boehner (R) - OH - U.S. Congress said

Plan B is an abortion inducing drug




How can a woman know?

How can she be sure?

Did she ask her doctor?

When it comes to rape

Do women know what it is?

Asks Senator Chuck Winder (R)- Idaho

A forcibly raped woman

Will not get pregnant

Only welcomed sperm

Can impregnate

Says Christian Life Resources

Todd Aikin’s running for the US Senate

Todd says that there are two kinds of rape

Legitimate and illegitimate

Todd says legitimately raped women

Can’t get pregnant.

Todd doesn’t understand biology

Let’s not vote for Todd





Death By Trillions.png

If LIFE begins before conception

As the new law says

It must mean that sperm are ALIVE

Sperm can swim, act independently

Does the death of a sperm equate

To the termination of LIFE?

Just think

Sperm  ALIVE !

200 to 300 million reside

In the average ejaculation

Masturbation a form of execution

Preys on

Trillions upon trillions of LIVES

All over the world every day?

Ejaculations not for the sole purpose

Of reproduction must be curtailed

Laws must be passed

Punishment must be severe

Only then will they know how we feel



If  You Are Being Beaten,

Just Remember the Things

You Love About Your Husband

(Rep. Don Pridemore (R) -  WI)

Yes just lay back and take it

It doesn’t matter if he breaks it

Embrace the bruises

Because he chooses

To take his misery out on you

Don’t think about his hate

The feel of a breaking plate

Against your skull

Welcome your new skin hues

Purples, blacks and blues

While you are being beaten

Remember the things you love



War On Women.png

Michigan Republican Calls Equal Pay For Women ‘A Nuisance’ That Should Be Repealed

Senate Candidate Pete Hoekstra

Working on the line

Putting in my time

Perfection in each piece

I file my briefs

Steadfast in my beliefs

That my client isn’t guilty

I open my paycheck

Say what the heck

Where’s my money

He gets paid a dollar

I get mad I holler

Cause I only got seventy seven cents

Bigger profits from my sweat

Screw the fact that I’m a Vet

Pay me less cause I’m a woman


Nuns censured “for focusing too much on poverty and economic injustice…" New York Times April 18, 2012

Nuns Censured.png

Stop you lowly women

Stop your antics today

You shall not feed the poor

You shall not heal the  sick

Stop you lowly women

Stop the questioning today

You may not ask the why of it

You may not write away

We unholy men have spoken

Misogyny rules supreme

Women will not think or speak

They will not dare to dream