I am a Last Tango in Halifax fan

Yes there are moments when it is too cute for words and I know that many of my friends think that this comedy/romance/drama borders on being a soap and and lacks the sophistication of  Downton Abbey however they are wrong.  The themes being explored in this heartfelt show include a romance between to 70 something people, a romance between two women, and a romance between a woman and her several lovers.   In addition, parenting, alcoholism spouse abuse are all interwoven into the story. When season 1 aired in the USA the LA Times described it as “the best new show of the Fall.”

The last episode of season two has been the inspiration of numerous YouTube videos by a slew of artists.   Watch for this series to be rebroadcast on the your local PBS Station I am just incredibly grateful that my station #KCPT carried it. We now have Season 3 and 4 to look forward to soon I hope.

Magnificent Caroline Strutting goo.gl/bVrcG2