A shell that is not "just a shell".

A couple of years ago the writer Deborah Wilson brought me shell that she had found on the beach while vacationing.  It is one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received. I have looked at the shell a thousand times, in wonder over its perfect design a small  gift from  nature, and a spectacular piece of art. Running my fingers over its smooth service, holding it up to the light, turning it over in my hand, even while making wishes  I wondered if it would be possible to capture the glory of this shell as a drawing or painting.  I have been much too intimidated to even try until now.

On page 64 of Mastering Composition (Ian Roberts) the author suggests that the artist do a sketch a day for a year.   I have decided to take on the assignment and my subject is going to be this singular shell.  The photograph below is my start point.  As my attempts improve I will share them with you faithful reader.  Keep your fingers crossed that they do improve.