Surviving Labor Day

Survived another Labor Day!   It is my least favorite holiday; too many memories, too sad of heart.   Yesterday during a good chunk of the morning and early afternoon I had my IPod playing through my Bose system.   Having decided to listen to all of the albums in alphabetical order it seemed fitting that Anne Murray’s Country Croonin’ was on deck on a day when I am naturally somewhat despondent.  How could I get so damn lucky, 30 crying in your beer songs in a row, all sung with a mellow country twang.  Is the universe being just a touch cruel or just another whack on the side of my heart telling me to get tough?

Tuesday morning, the last track played, moving on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.   Ah so much better, at least the emotions run the gamut from A to Z on this CD.   Not so much like the broken record of yesterday, when heartstring after heartstring was plucked.

And now we charge through September, time to open the books, go to school, learn, learn and learn some more.   Things run through my head like a sieve but at least I keep trying to fill it up in the hopes that something will stick.