Pound Slam Kansas City

Last night I attended the POUND SLAM, Kansas City’s poetry competition for our national team.   After months of competitions 15 Kansas City poets were left standing and it was time to whittle down the team to 5.  Hard hitting, emotionally high pitched, and frequently humorous poet after poet presented us with a thought provoking look at our city and what separates us from the state line to Troost, dividing Kansas Ctiy into multiple worlds, this group of young poets are more proof of the amazing talent you can find here in our own home town. On more than one occasion I was moved to tears other times I found myself laughing and yet at other times anger pressed against my chest screaming to get out.  

When the words had settled and the results were in Jeanette Powers, Ezhno Martín, Dylan Kingsley, Keith L. Bohannon & Angela Roulette were chosen as the official team members.   A lot of hours of paperwork, rehearsals, heart and soul went into making of this amazing event.   I am so grateful that Slammaster Jen Harris invited me and that I had the good sense to take along friends to enjoy this amazing evening.

If you are a lover of words check out what is going on around the city and attend a Slam.   You may even find that you want to stand at the mic and let it rip.

Slammaster Jen Harris wowed the crowd with her poem and performance.