Childhood Memories and Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Things were pretty crazy this year in May. Lots of major birthdays and a graduation and out of town guests so I never did get around to having a birthday cake.  The “gamers” are coming over to my house tonight (we are not electronic gamers but play mean board games, crazy charde games and sometimes the games even include dice and or cards.  

For dessert i have made a pineapple upside down cake very reminiscent of the ones my mother made when i was a little kid.   We were pretty poor so this particular cake required that local stores put canned crushed pineapple and brown sugar on sale.  The rest of the ingredients were pretty much house staples.  What mom’s cakes did not include was the quite luxurious and expensive maraschino cherries.  On y mom’s tight those cherries were just too dang expensive.

I must admit I did cheat a bit, I bought a yellow cake mix because i bake so infrequently I knew the  ingredients besides eggs and butter would probably spoil before I used them. I hope the gamers aren’t disappointed in my old fashioned cake and that no one misses the cherries. I know that I  will be a happy camper and it is MY birthday cake even if it is a couple of months late. LOL

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