Although my series on guns was not in reference to their use by police perhaps it should have been.   We in Missouri are living with the consequences of polices forces that have been given weapons and vehicles designed to be used in wars.   Department of Defense weapons/vehicles are now being used against citizens. Just yesterday an AME minister was shot with a rubber bullet for standing between police and protestors. The weapons change the dynamic, no longer are police given the job to protect the people but to be at war against the people.

Just imagine the number of small towns in Missouri that are KLAN governed being given such weapons.  Explosive situations happen.   People are shot in this ‘us against them’ environment.  International news sources are showing a war zone in “Ferguson”.   People around the world are shocked by video and photographs coming out of America.   It is time for a major reappraisal of what we are doing with the excessive amount of weapons left over from unnecessary wars.   Do we really want to arm the police like an army? Are we so desperate to be at war with someone that we are willing to be at war against our fellow citizens?

                                                                                     Elaine Mills